LC60® is Officially Over. Thank you for participating.

Lucidity Challenge 60

The Special Challenge you should not miss!

Dear people of LD4all, this is Tggtt! I am your host for Lucidity Challenge 60 (LC60®). Please greet the co-host as well, Mew151. It is our honor to host such a special event.

The Lucidity Challenge (LC) is a traditional game in LD4all. It has now reached the number 60.

60 is a very unique number, did you know it's divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60? There is no number below 60 with so many divisors. This is so special that it was chosen to divide minutes into seconds (and so on).

After five dozens of Lucidity Challenges, LC60® (or LC:LX) is also special in every sense. It is a milestone for LD4all history, which has recently reached its 21st anniversary.

Here, the dreamer is the most important. And they are also given points for dreaming. The highest score wins!

We Heard the Community

🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

People asked to bring back subtasks. LC60 has 3 levels of tasks: Tasks, Subtasks and Subsubtasks.

🙋 👍

We have added new ways of cooperation without enforcing people to join teams.

New Scoring, More Motivation

💤 💡

Dream types are now considered prime subtasks. Please specify a dream and its type in order to claim subtasks.

😫 📓

Keeping a dream journal is not easy, but now it will give you points.

🎨 📖 ♫

LC60® is going to encourage you to share your dream art.

📚 📚📚 📚

Your knowledge on Lucid Dreaming incubation techniques will also be rewarded.

Fun is the only Mandatory Subtask

😄 😃 😄

We are not forcing members to dream, this is a game that every one is invited. New features will allow everyone to have fun, with or without their own dreams.

🔓 🔑

New unlockable subtasks could appear at any minute! Now you have even more reasons to check updates.


New features include more strategic choices that will reward your ability to plan what to claim.

⚂ ⚄

Help fellow participants. Bet on their upcoming successes and earn points.

Innovation on Balancing

🏇 ⚖ 🏇

LC60® Balancing system is completely new. No one will be able to win too soon.

🎢 🎠

Subtasks will have bonus scores balanced weekly. Hard subtasks are now more worthy than ever.

LC60®: Transparency, Free News and Dreamocracy

☹ 💭

The scoring will not be based on subjectivity of the host.

📝 ✔

We will do our best to add instructions to subtasks and subsubtasks to avoid confusion. The way the scores are calculated are public and can be checked by anyone.

📰 📻

LC60 is going to include a newsroom with updates on the tasks, subtasks and successes! News are going to be updated at least once a day. There is no more reason on idling if you are not having much dreams.

☐ ☒ ☐

Some subtasks will be supported by voting. Open to anyone. We will run polls where you can choose the best subtasks for our LCers!

🔦 🔍

You have found the challenge that is right for you! In LC60® we will have plenty of features to ensure fun even if you cannot LD.

Daily Updates

📆 📇

At least once a day, your scores will be updated. This is our goal. You will be able to see your scores and how other participants are doing better than ever.


📈 📊

The scoring system of LC60® is unique! Extreme changes were implemented to allow adaptive balancing and increase the competition and the cooperation. You will be able to track your scoring with in-depth details and graphs.

Everyday is Caturday

📅 😸

Caturday is the official IRC bot of LC60®. You will be able to see updates on IRC like never before.



If you think this is a nice challenge, you can make it last longer. The LC60® will have 4 or 5 weeks. Decided by voting during the third week.



Signups are open!

Get Hype.

Do not miss it!

The LC60® is over. Thank you for participating!


Tggtt & Mew151